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GIS - Geographical Info Systems

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G B O P S - Global Back office Professional Services

Business Process Outsourcing, Resourcing & Sourcing

GBOPS provides Business support services in a variety of ways.

Outsourcing has, to date, been the prerogative of large organisations who have enjoyed all the benefits – significant cost reductions coupled with a flexible, well qualified, stable and motivated workforce. Why? Whilst the benefits are undoubtedly attractive the set-up costs and risks can be prohibitive for all but the largest businesses.

Your Own Off-shore Resourcing Centre!

Five years ago GBOPS created a fully functioning offshore resourcing centre – “your office down the hall”, where all the additional resources a business might need are available on a regular or flexible basis.

With GBOPS, process &/or task outsourcing is simple, free of risk and evolutionary so that you can move from developing and testing to limited operations and then to full scale operations. Moreover you can be assured of complete security and confidentiality throughout so as to maintain harmony with the existing work force, customers, shareholders and the community in which you operate. Read on…

The GBOPS Business Proposition – is founded on our demonstrable expertise to:

  • Identify within a business those tasks and processes which can be successfully outsourced – or resourced.

  • Select, recruit, carefully train, manage and deploy cogent teams who can undertake those tasks.

  • These teams can be as large or as small as required, be available on a full-time, dedicated basis, a part-time or a one-off task/project basis.

  • The GBOPS Approach – Simple. Direct, Common sense - & Virtually seamless

    To enable your own teams to pass tasks - or parts of a task - to their GBOPS colleagues, who will support them efficiently and cost effectively whilst they become free to take on those tasks only they can do. We take on only as much of the back-office task as is practical - to find ways to free your own people to do higher added value tasks, or to fill in skills gaps or to make affordable what which is only aspirational.

    In effect we give you your own back-office team, trained and adjusted to your thinking and to work to your approach under your direction.

    GBOPS has brought BPO within the reach of SME’s

    Our scalable, flexible approach has made BPO and RPO achievable on a small scale, affordable, easily, practical AND de-risked.

    We do for SMEs what we did first for ourselves. We embarked on outsourcing our own back office in phases - and then spent 5 years supporting others. GBOPS Management has the expertise and experience to quickly grasp which tasks can be effectively outsourced or re-sourced - and how to build, deploy and manage teams who will interface seamlessly in support of your operations.

    Benefits - The GBOPS Service (Click on the items below to read more.):

  •   Is De-risked
  •   Highly Cost-effective
  •   FREES your team for Higher Added-value tasks
  •   Is Highly Flexible
  •   Provides a Highly Qualified, Well-motivated, Enthusiastic Work-force
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