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We also have capabilities in:

GIS - Geographical Info Systems

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There are two aspects to Geographical Information Systems(GIS) work - obtaining the data and measurements and then going on to build the access and processes on which the services that are to be provided are based.

GBOPS has focused on building, managing and deploying teams of specialists in:

  • Spatial Databases

  • Enhanced Mapping

  • Database Solutions

  • Engineering Analysis

  • Project Management

With our partners we have also created specialized systems for database development, addressing, mapping, maintenance, and discrepancy capture/maintenance. The design and integration of our Geographical Information System (GIS) and methodology, have, along with our people skills, established GBOPS as a proven leader in back office support and in data development, data population and maintenance.

We support and work in close alliance with the premier providers of mapping software and data maintenance technologies and solutions. We know mapping back office support like no other company.

Our commitment to quality and accurate databases have helped us to build software solutions that are user-friendly, eliminates errors, removes unnecessary keystrokes resulting in a completely integrated mapping solution.


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