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Recruitment Process Support

HR Support

Cutting the costs of recruitment resourcing by more than a THIRD !

HR Support
HR Task Support
Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant

Much of modern recruitment resourcing is web-based – so also the tasks associated with Recruitment Process Support - research, searching the web, distributing job specs, response management, correspondence, validating applicants, arranging interviews, assessments, etc.

If your UK-based team (or USA, or European) is spending time on the myriad tasks of recruitment process support - then we can save you around 30-35% of your costs. This leaves your HR team in control but frees them for higher value-added, client-facing tasks. We enable you to maximise space, front desk operations and give you first class support on a flexible basis.

The simple truth also is that GBOPS can alter substantially how recruitment resourcing is delivered - and charged for. By the intelligent use of technology, innovation and an in-built resourcing network we offer professional, ethical recruitment resourcing at rates that will take your Finance Director’s breath away. We can reduce your recruitment costs by 30-40%!

What can we do for you?

Our service can be as simple or as comprehensive as you wish. You may select any combination from range of GBOPS services: Recruitment Task Support, Recruitment Resourcing, HR Support – and we also provide Software Services, Accounting Payroll & Taxation support, Research & Data Management teams that work together in an integrated manner to help bring about intelligent, innovative, fully joined-up solutions. As on-going, one-off or flexible service provision.

We support HR & Recruitment in 7 stages.

  1. Understanding The People Resources you have. Measuring how well they are utilised to determine your recruitment needs. If that recruitment can be internal, external or supplemented through redeployment and or training. Data capture and Skills mapping across all sites.

  2. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Resourcing. If external recruitment is the solution, we help establish you as the Employer Of Choice and prepare a Resourcing Plan. Our team use all their experience in of the web, job boards and advertising to find the best combination for our objectives - be it a one off or an ongoing solution.

  3. Managing the response. Ensuring Applicants feel looked-after and therefore good about our Clients. Dealing sensitively with their applications & enquiries.

  4. Interviews, Profiling, Assessment. Managing or supporting the processes to select the right people

  5. On-boarding Appointees. Reference checking, organising medicals, managing offers, running inductions, helping to link the family into the community – schools, housing etc.

  6. HR Support. Under your HR Manager’s direction helping set-up and run internal recruitment, reviews, appraisals, individual development/training, Retention programmes. Setting up processes to deal with ongoing staff queries – payroll, pensions, taxation etc.

  7. Talent spotting, Right sizing, Outplacement

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