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 Personal Assistant, HR Support & management, Recruitment & Search HR & Recruitment Support

 Data Management & Back Data Entry Data Management & Back Data Entry

 Software Engineering Software Engineering

 Web Design, Development, Maintenance & Internet Website Design & Development

 Accounting, Book-keeping, Payroll Taxaion Accounting, Book-keeping, Payroll, Tax

 Financial Research, Marketing Research & Hr Research & Analysis, Marketing

 Financial Research, Marketing Research & Hr Corporate Communications

We also have capabilities in:

GIS - Geographical Info Systems

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About Us

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Key Personnel
Key Personnel
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A Summary

The initial objective to incorporate the experience of our Directors to set up our own back-office in India was so successfully accomplished that we logically extended the capability to SMEs.

  • Offshore resourcing centre - wholly-owned subsidiary of GBOPS Guernsey, with marketing and liaison offices in UK.

  • Staffed by specially recruited, carefully trained, Graduate level+ teams - all English speaking

  • 5 years experience in outsourcing and resourcing for European SMEs

  • Cultural gulf bridged

  • Seamless dovetailing with clients processes

  • De-risked - full confidentiality - customs bonded premises, in-house processing (no sub-contracting), operating under the UK Compliant Data Protection Act, HR and Facilities management - like your own office in UK.

  • All agreements with UK parent company

  • Supported by UK Client Liaison Managers

  • Best of both worlds - major cost savings, release of staff time for improving business development activities - combined with first class working practices

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