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Back office services for Accountancy Professionals.

For the last two years the GBOPS APT team has been supporting a number of UK based professional accountancy practices. We have achieved considerable savings and a significant increase in resources for our Clients. And this increase in capacity for each of the Practices = a bigger throughput of accounts for the same overheads.


You send us sets of books/papers - either scanned and transmitted electronically to the APT team or sent by courier. (We have had to set some standards for hardcopy couriering! Some Practices sent paperwork in a variety of branded plastic shopping bags. These we have now limited to Waitrose, Tesco and, in sometimes, ASDA….!).

The team processes the work package to the stage you dictate. They directly consult and take advice from your nominated Liaison. The finished work is then returned to you and, where appropriate, the original documents. You sign off the work and we bill according to the target hours that you set and we agreed.

Established & Proven

With two years of experience behind them the GBOPS team are now fully familiar with a variety of software packages – Sage, Quick Books, Clearly Book keeping, VT accounts and many others - and are perfectly capable of (and relaxed about) working to the process that you define whether from a spread sheet or other input or source. We also use IRIS. Our team are comfortable, our Clients are happy and our Clients’ customers are happy too!

Ethical & Risk Free

The Practice sets a time and date for return and target hours estimated for the job. That is sacrosanct. The APT Team Leaders assure Quality. We feel Quality and Performance are the key basis for us charging you – and of course the considerable savings achieved.


In essence, the GBOPS approach to APT follows the same principle as to our other professional service customers. We take on those tasks – or parts of tasks – to increase your capacity, to decrease your costs, to increase your efficiency and your turnover. You know that it is done by a group of people functioning under your direction and control. We FREE your team to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

Over a period “your’ back office team will be trained to think in the way you think and to work in the way your team works. They will become familiar with your approach, methodology and preferences.

Size is not Important

We support small, one-man Practices as well as much larger businesses. Some of the work we are sent requires 2-3 hours to complete but has to be done in time for a deadline. Other work may require 200 hours. We have also completed accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited liability companies. For clients working in 7 international currencies to those who also undertake share trading.

To be effective we are, and have to be, your ultimate flexible resource.

Some Practices use our facilities on an ad hoc basis - topping up the capabilities of their existing team - something to call on when the business is overwhelmed. Others reshape and refocus their entire Practice and re-engineer their processes to take maximum advantage - creating with us a technical resource centre around which the UK practice can focus leaving the UK team to concentrate on Customer Service, Quality and Delivery.

Innovation, On-line Services
Deepening & widening your relationship with your Clients

We are now testing an on-line service where a customer of a Practice is able to see their data on-line over the web. Or you are able to see the ongoing work for your customer. This has enabled us to begin development of an embedded book keeping service in which your customers can outsource book keeping to you at an affordable cost.

The benefit being that it both depends and broadens your relationship with your customer who is much more committed to you and the timing and quality of the flow of data to you from the client is also much improved.


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