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There is often a perception that businesses who outsource must be large businesses. A perception we have successfully neutralised. The fact that GBOPS is NOT a large corporation in the traditional mode is, we think, what makes what we have achieved even more relevant to other businesses and businessmen, and women, like us.

It has taken us two years but we have proved that our concepts, our technology and our approach do all work in practice. Even whilst having some Directors whose origins and family are in the area, giving us the advantage of language, culture and contacts, it wasn't easy and it still took more than two years to establish ourselves and another year before we felt sufficiently confident to "go public".

The process of transferring our own back office facility to Chandigarh in India required:

  • A study and a redesign of the administrative and business processes

  • The design of new data banks and software which are entirely web-enabled turning the business into a largely 'paperless office'

  • Centralising and controlling access to levels of data so that everyone could access their domains at the right level of authority and work with current information.

  • The establishment of new computer network management systems in which the server and therefore the information, remained in acceptable location where Quality, Security, Ethics, Compliance etc could all be maintained to the satisfaction of the regulatory bodies, customers and clients.

  • The implementation of new administrative, operational and sales and marketing processes.

  • The establishment of a new company in India to be foreign owned and set up under the required export regulations and controls and benefiting from a very helpful tax regime.

  • The establishment of a fully functioning office with networks and secure satellite links with uninterrupted power and utility supplies.

  • The recruitment and training of the data, task management and software teams

  • Developing successful Remote-Management Techniques.

The transfer began with the design of databases, followed by the migration of data to the new system. This was, in turn followed by the design of a real time MIS system allowing every milestone in the business to be monitored and measured on line, on demand.

The point is that we made it work and, as a result, we can now share our experiences with other, like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses and extend to them the major benefits that large corporations have, hitherto, reserved for themselves.

A decision to outsource is a major one for most businesses. The benefits can be great but concerns exist that there is also much risk involved and disruption can be a major issue if the project is not properly managed. Can it be done by other than very large business? GBOPS's answer, and the answer of our customers also, is an unequivocal; YES!

Under the GBOPS approach the skills, Intellectual Property rights (IP rights) and other "people" resources of the global market could be delivered in an environment in which our customers could have total confidence.

In BPO, clearly, great emphasis is placed on ensuring that quality, security, ethics, development and compliance with respect to GBOPS' services all meet with the best International Standards and expectations.

We believe that, like us, many of the companies who would most benefit from that which we do simply could not afford to "take the hit" on their balance sheets which have allowed big companies to learn from their mistakes. For us and, we think, most of our customers that is simply not an option. GBOPS' Approach is so constructed this risk is minimal if not negligible.


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